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Busy as a Bumblebee June 25, 2011

Posted by Stella☆LunaC in Flora and Fauna.

We rose early to a sunny morning, and decided to take a ride out to Kutter Harley Davidson to watch teh Riders Edge class in progress.
I was geared for a full day of outside time and had a ton of landscaping planned.
First, I trimmed back the Mulberry tree that was drooping over the mailbox, heavy with rain from the day before.
After bringing down several leafy branches, I set those aside and set out to finally make a big dent in the wood chip pile out front.
After nearly 5 hours, this is the end result:




Afterward, we took a ride out to Kutter’s MVP party- we were there earlier that day to return a too-small shirt he’s picked up a couple weeks ago.
Nats offered to drive, so we piled in the Blazer, Igor in the back, and headed back to Janesville for the festivities.
Nats bought some Harley Girl duds, we think she had pretty good taste!




Today was a good day All around 




1. Lindy - June 29, 2011

Beautiful garden; Beautiful daughter too!

2. KnitNurd - June 26, 2011

Beautiful yard!!

Stella☆MHorses - July 1, 2011

Thanks, it’s a work in progress; every other year the village dumps a load of wood chips and it takes me until the following spring to get a “round tuit” LOL!

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