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Busy as a Bumblebee June 25, 2011

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We rose early to a sunny morning, and decided to take a ride out to Kutter Harley Davidson to watch teh Riders Edge class in progress.
I was geared for a full day of outside time and had a ton of landscaping planned.
First, I trimmed back the Mulberry tree that was drooping over the mailbox, heavy with rain from the day before.
After bringing down several leafy branches, I set those aside and set out to finally make a big dent in the wood chip pile out front.
After nearly 5 hours, this is the end result:




Afterward, we took a ride out to Kutter’s MVP party- we were there earlier that day to return a too-small shirt he’s picked up a couple weeks ago.
Nats offered to drive, so we piled in the Blazer, Igor in the back, and headed back to Janesville for the festivities.
Nats bought some Harley Girl duds, we think she had pretty good taste!




Today was a good day All around 


Dad’s Day, a time to reflect June 20, 2011

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Hqppy Dad’s Day, Pop! I miss you so much…
Dad, back in ’44, and his dad, Romolo, my Pop Pop.

Fathers Day was quiet here. DH was recouping from a nasty fall the night before; a plastic lawn chair that was pushing 15 years old literally exploded out from under him, almost mangling his left hand, and sending large shards of sharp plastic flying in all directions. He fell on his bad hip, and later sustained some minor bruises, but the hip was the worst part. The sounds that periodically came from the bedroom during the day, were pitiful.
We hung out together all day and I got a lot done on the Doves in Flight wedding doily.
It’s 8 rows from completion; Can you see the doves? 🙂

I took a break and went outside to see what was popping up in my gardens. I had noticed some bright orange from Tje upstairs guest bedroom window and had to investigate.


I love my petunias, my gift to DH for spotting these cool planters one day



The Prickly Pears will be blooming soon!20110620-095545.jpg

Old Man Thyme

Road Work Ahead…. June 16, 2011

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I will strive to move forward and not dwell on things I have no control over.
Keep your head in the clouds, there is a silver lining, if you look for it.



Letting go, looking ahead : all about never looking back June 10, 2011

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Some things are better left alone. Walk on, don’t look back, look ahead. Be ready for any speed bumps in your path. They can knock you in a ditch if you’re not paying attention.

I hit a speed bump today. I’m ok, I just needed to regroup and with the help of DH, DD20, and a dear friend, was able to stay focused.  Sometimes little reminders can make the difference between having a good day, and a bad one.

I reaffirm my resolve to not let anyone take control of my feelings, my emotions, my actions, or my sense of Self. I will not let them take my power away from me by responding to petty arguments with no rhyme or reason.

I’m putting up my protective force field, and not letting anyone in, without my permission.

I will always do the best I can, to the best of my ability, the best I know how.

The circus has come to town,

I think it’s decided to stay.

The Demented Clown is on his way,

hiding under your bed,  don’t look away!

Send in the Clowns. Never mind, they’re all here…..Par-TAY! 🙂

Igor Gets Loose with The Moose June 9, 2011

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All those drugs Igor was shot with last Tues, must’ve wore off; Igor beats the crap out of his Loose Moose that squeeks!








Snow in June…. June 9, 2011

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The weather has been pretty stinky for the last week, with temps in the upper 90’s; it even topped 100 by 4:30 pm. So, rumblestorms were a Given. They didn’t disappoint us.
@FOX6Weather wanted Tweet Peeps to post storm-related stories and pictures, which inspired my blog muse today.


I’m keeping in touch with DD34 frequently as her Kitteh, Kiki is apparently on a steady decline in health. Kiki is 13 years old, which is not seriously old, when we hear of other people’s cats living into their 20’s. Kiki is just a frail child, by nature and so her days are now spent sitting quietly in the same room as CJ, content to just be…
Kiki followed CJ outside today and She got this neat shot of Teh Tube Cat

We hope her remaining days are peaceful and that when she goes to see Ceiling Cat in Kitteh Hebin, they will have good things to talk about. We love you, Sweet Girl XOXO

Butterfly, don’t flutterby without saying Hi! June 6, 2011

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I had a chance encounter with the first butterfly of this season, a perfect Zebra Swallowtail.


The Italian Tub Garden is coming along bellisimo! 20110606-080601.jpgAnd the Bleeding Hearts are just about done

20110606-080919.jpgThe Dames Rockets are absolute eye candy

20110606-081027.jpgwhile a patch of wild Columbines takes over the front window area


Floral post of the day, with doilies June 2, 2011

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Today I got a lovely surprise, t’was peeking out from behind the Radio Flyer!





and some chives thrown in for good measure! 20110602-042729.jpg

since I haven’t had a lot of time to blog, I’m cramming as much into a time slot as I can. This is the Current project: Doves in Flight, Leisure Arts “Touched by Nature” booklet. Thia is my second doily in this pattern, a wedding present for Heather:


20110602-052100.jpgThe first doily is done in black and is entitled Halloween Ravens.