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Weekly Photo Challenge: Red May 13, 2011

Posted by Stella☆LunaC in Flora and Fauna, Photography, Weekly Photo.
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Amaryllis Feb 2011


Sam Graduates! and yeah, a little bit Red-neck ♥♥♥

Shirley Jackson, Queen of the Red Hatters

Hayley, aka "Red"

Although not part of the Flora Theme I was going for, I thought it apropos that the last one would be my best one 😉



1. ceceliafutch - May 18, 2011

Shirley Jackson’s hat is magnificent! Betty Crocker cookbook is classic. And the hummingbird is a great capture. Love the variety of your red collection!

2. ceceliafutch - May 18, 2011

Shirly Jackson’s red hat is stunning! And the Betty Crocker Cookbook is classic 🙂 Nice collection of red!

3. 2e0mca - May 16, 2011

A very varied selection of Red things there – don’t think I’d want to graduate dressed like that 😉

Stella☆MHorses - May 16, 2011

it wouldn’t have mattered if their colors were pink and baby blue, I was happy he graduated, and with flying colors, in fact! 🙂

4. conspiracyofravens - May 14, 2011

it’s so cool to have hummingbirds sitting outside your window, i wouldn’t get any work done. 🙂

Stella☆MHorses - May 14, 2011

LOL It’s a miracle I do get my work done!! She often stops to hover in front of the window pane and check me out- this is our 3rd year with the same bird, I actually feel a loss every fall when they leave for the winter…and those horrible storms down south, I worried she wouldn’t make it through-Amazing little birds! :*)

5. summerfield84 - May 13, 2011

How many pictures!
My most favorite one is ‘hummer_0622_e’.

Stella☆MHorses - May 13, 2011

summerfiled84 : thank you for visiting my blog! I actually was looking at the Hummer feeder outside the office window, just now and our Hummingbirds have returned for the summer! ♥♥♥

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