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Floral Post of the Day | Revisited May 20, 2011

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Spring has finally come to stay, so
Igor and I took a walk in the woods behind our house to see what was coming up. We stopped and talked with our neighbor who was busy pulling garlic mustard and bagging it for layer disposal. She and I spotted a patch of Jack in the Pulpit and I shot some pictures while the sub shone through the trees on them. Plants are pretty smart that way 🙂


These ominous looking storm clouds rolled in the night before; I just got them off my iPhone to add some dramatics to this post 😉20110602-050003.jpg




20110602-050103.jpgfrom the gathering stormclouds, we found shelter under the stairs… Two tornados were spawned from this storm, along with some golf ball-sized hail, missed us entirely.


How to cast on toe-up socks 2 ata time on two circulars May 15, 2011

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I had a waking moment epiphany this morning- it was like a waking dream.
A fellow Ravelry member asked me there was a video out on how to cast on two socks at a time on two circular needles. We both knew there were several out on the Magic Loop technique, but none on two socks on two circulars, yet.
Since I have yet to have the Magic Two Socks on Two Circs epiphany, I have resolved to at least try to blog a pictorial tutorial here.

*this was done on my iPhone; editing pictures when I get on a computer.

Note: I’m a Lefty knitter, you Rightys will have to work with me here, until I get my second wind 😉

We’re going to start with two size 8 29- inch circulars, and two hanks of worsted weight yarn, to make it easy.


With needle #1 (blue) and first strand of yarn, start with a 6 inch tail, cast on (CO) 4 stitches and scoot them down out of the way.
Pick up the second strand of yarn and using same needle, CO 4 stitches next to the first 4 sts.  Always remember: Keep the stitches of both socks close together, like sisters. 🙂


With needle # 2 (purple) placed next to last stitch of Sock #1, CO 4 stitches, pulling first stitch up close to last stitch of Sock #1. Slide stitches out of the way, like this:


Pick up second strand of yarn, CO 4 more stitches, pulling first stitch up close to last stitch in Sock #2.


Your CO stitches should look like this:


Pull needle #2 through stitches of both sets of CO stitches and with second ball of yarn and loose end of needle #1, knit the first 4 stitches of needle #1. When you get to second set of CO stitches, pick up (PU) first strand of yarn and knit those 4 stitches. Pull needle #1 through all stitches and let them hang loose.

If you are confused, don’t worry, this is natural and gets easier real soon!

Now you’re ready to join and knit the second row of the toes of both socks!

Bring stitches to end of needle #2, and place on top of your work; we are going to knit all stitches on that needle now.






Leave a comment if you see something that I need to fix or explain! 😀

Weekly Photo Challenge: Red May 13, 2011

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Amaryllis Feb 2011


Sam Graduates! and yeah, a little bit Red-neck ♥♥♥

Shirley Jackson, Queen of the Red Hatters

Hayley, aka "Red"

Although not part of the Flora Theme I was going for, I thought it apropos that the last one would be my best one 😉

Free Knit Patterns, Help, and Other Stuff Wendyknits May 7, 2011

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First, let me say to all you lovely ladies out there, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! Whether it walks on 2 legs, 4 legs, no legs, or on the wing, our fur-babies and birds of a feather are our joy~♥♥♥

Click here for free sock and shawl patterns, and other fun and easy knit projects!
Free Patterns, Help, and Other Stuff

I’ve made many of her socks;  this is one of my favorites:  Nancy’s Socks, toe up. I used KnitPicks Essentials Tweed, colorway, Inca.(discontinued).

I sent the finished pair to my DD34, but didn’t get a finished photo. Guess it’s a good excuse to make another pair! I’m planning these for a late-Easter, early ??? present:

Marshmallow Bunnies Socks

I tried on my Agatha Cardigan today! With the help of DH to hold my circular needles, and keep from slipping stitches, I slipped into the shoulders and was happy to find it a perfect fit! Now I am on the home-stretch, knitting the rest of the body, to the hemlines. This is going to be one nice sweater, I wish I’d had DH take a picture, but it was a tad short, at just bolero length, right now…

It’s a Netflix kinda night-I think I’ll curl up with my knitting, a glass of White Merlot and The Ramen Girl