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To Friend or Not To Friend, What was the ?? March 8, 2011

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Ralph Waldo Emerson Was a Silent Writer http://wp.me/ppRTu-PO

Let us be silent, that we may hear the whispers of the gods.”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

It’s often hard, sometimes it feels impossible, to pull away from the noisy chaos of daily life to make time for the creative life.

The Silent Writers Collective was created in response to that challenge and we meet online every Tuesday at 9 pm EST for an online writing retreat.  The retreat is open to all writers, especially those who find it hard to put aside distractions and find the time to write.

Tonight I will make reference to Ralph Waldo Emerson’s  The Comic

Aristotle’s definition of the ridiculous is, ” what is out of time and place, without danger.”

It’s often thought to be safe to joke about something,  albeit under the guise of  relative anonymity in any social network, is to minimize the maximum. It is  essentially, a hiding place for posting comments that can be construed as serious, or posted off the cuff,  in jest. “It was just a joke…” meaning, “I said it but I didn’t really mean it.”

Too often, people use social formats to expose their inner secrets, as well as their outward emotions. They become very calculated in their approach as to how they can best be served by serving “notice” to an Unsub.  Oftentimes, the Unsub is the last to know, as the progression of telegraphing the news accelerates to near epic proportions from one “Friend” to the next.

I know,  I’m on a tangent, and not a very funny one, so let me finish by adding a song by David Soul:



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