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Silent Write-In | Dyed in The Wool February 1, 2011

Posted by Stella☆LunaC in Writers and Poets.
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Tonight’s exercise:

Set a timer for five minutes and freewrite—writing anything that comes to mind without stopping until the timer goes off. Then circle every third word or phrase of what you’ve written. Use these circled words as the starting point for a poem.

It was a dark, stormy night.

The wind howled around the corners of the house, like a banshee thirsty for a bloody mary, on the rocks.

As I listen to the low groans and rumblings of tree limbs rubbing together in protest at the relentless storm that passes through their boughs, I find myself playing with a lock of hair, twisting and wrapping it around a finger, like a crochet hook caressing wispy strands of virgin wool (ooo that sounds kinky!)
I have a few months to play around with this shortened do I call my “new look”, and see if I can get it up off the shoulders again. I was so loving my 5-prong chignon fork, it’s always been a life-saver for a quick up-do. Even with these shortened layers, I can still wrap and twist (sounds like a knit stitch W&T) and still get it to stay up. And hey, if some of it spills out and makes me look more like Michelle Pfeiffer, so be it! At 53, I’ve learned to NEVER SAY DIE (but yeah, dye is ok, for covering the grey) 😉

a night owl howled ’round the corners of the house

banshee mary rocks  her boat like a quite church mouse

listen, low rumblings, entwined limbs in the  dark passes

boughs  mirror myself, lock wrapping finger in a hook

strands of wool wet and kinky few play this call-

look! I caress it, bare shoulders so  pale. my fork, you have been savoring these sushI wraps

sounds knit into my being and chuck it up, day spills over into the night

makes sense more so now,  I’ve never been so dyed in the wool  for grey twilight.


Freaking random! I’m going to read this tomorrow and go, “WTF did I just write?!”




1. Lindy - February 2, 2011

That’s fantastic! Sounds like it should be put to music. Your writings and poems are really great. You must continue, you are painting fabulous pictures with words.

Stella☆MHorses - February 2, 2011

omygoodness Lindy, thank you! you should see the pictures in my head when it happens; there’s an endless box of crayons up there and I am having fun using them all LOL!

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