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For all you Dog Lovers out there: December 22, 2010

Posted by Stella☆LunaC in Dog House.

Merry Christmas, from Igor!


Igor, aka Smiling Boy



1. Lindy - December 25, 2010

Hi Sandra,

I got there through Igor’s dog blog. Yes I saw the cute little dog put out his stocking, milk and cookies.
This was a video about Paws4people a non-profit fundraising site and the title was For parents and dog lovers everywhere, it was May 2009, but I got there through Stella’s garden gate.

I love your blogs Sandra.
Now I’m going to eat some Xmas Pudding!
Shalom and Big Hugs too

Stella☆MHorses - December 27, 2010

Lindy, thank you for sharing this video, there were tears galore as I watched this one! Bless Amanda, Ellie and everyone who made this miracle possible!

2. Lindy - December 24, 2010

Always love the pics of Igor and family!

I wept when watched I this, asking why do these things happen. The coureage and smiling happiness of this little baby, and now beautiful little girl, is amazing. I do believe that there was that extra spark of delight in her eyes after she got the beautiful helper dog.
By the looks of this video little Amanda will continue to improve with all her skills and abilities. Inspiring little girl and family.

Stella☆MHorses - December 24, 2010

Hello Lindy! I’m not sure what video you saw, this link was suppose to be of a cute little dog waiting outside in his little doghouse for Santa’s arrival; but I would LOVE to see the video you saw….:)
Namaste and Big Hugs,

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