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Hair Yesterday, Gone Today April 10, 2010

Posted by Stella☆LunaC in Baby Talk, California Dreamin', only her hairdresser knows....

I lost 10 inches of old hair 2 days ago, and have finally overcome my initial shock.

I finally got up the nerve to get rid of years worth of L’Oreale Dark Brown 4G; it simply would not fade away gracefully. My normal medium reddish brown was becoming more apparent as it grew out, so I had to do something.

So on Wednesday, after 20 minutes of combing and measuring, 10 inches of my hair was laying in a heap on the bathroom counter, limp, rejected and sad.

I was at once mortified, and then relieved asI dried it and it looked and FELT more healthy than it had in literally years.

From this:

to this:

The dry ends are all gone, it’s laying nicely, so with a heavy heart, but lighter head, I start all over again.

DH took one look and said he wanted to do me, said it would be like doing a new woman, and not cheating. He was smiling as I smacked his ass. I love Mr. Comedian.

DH and I went to a local Harley Davidson dealership last week, and there was I, proudly strutting around with my waist-length hair, feeling all Biker-Chicky and all…

Yesterday we visited another bike dealership in Lake Geneva, and I donned my new Do, and felt like a traitor…do I deserve a bike???
I saw a green two-tone Boulevard (Suzuki) and said, OYEAH, I still have kinda longish hair so why am I slinking around like a shaved rat with my tail tucked…DH said I’d still look foxy on that bike-I LOVE HIM!! ♥♥♥

Classic HD

2005 Suzuki Boulevard

Baby (R)Honda is a Walking Fool at 14 months, Baby can she move!  All I could get was a blur and the back of her head as she was leaving, hehehee!

Have a BE-YOU-tiful weekend!!




1. Knitnurd - April 11, 2010

I LOVE the new coif…not only did it lighten the load on your head, I’m sure, but it looks like it took YEARS off your face!!!! I’m almost tempted to do the same now! :=)

Sandra - April 12, 2010

Omy goodness, DH and next door neighbor said the SAME thing!! I can go back 10 years YAY! I say to anyone thinking of a new hair cut, DO IT! It feels great!!! Thanks for the vote of confidence!! ♥♥♥

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