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Another Hippy Hat Naming Poll February 26, 2010

Posted by Stella☆LunaC in A Stitch in Time | Projects.

Boy, talk about messed up day. Last night, I went up to bed at 8:30pm-UN-heard of! I had had enough for one day, felling grumpy and getting snarkier by the minute. I just wanted to get into bed and knit. So, that’s exactly what I did~ turned on the boob toob and watched some TV,  got nearly 2/3rds done with the hat! Posting updated project now.

I was sitting in bed and it occurred to me, (call it TBS, Tired Brain Syndrome) that the April Girl’s hat I’m working on now, looks like it has flecks of bread crumbs in it. The yarn is Red Heart Black Fleck colorway. SO, I think I’m going to take a poll on this hat’s naming, like I did the last one.

I’m mulling over some ideas like:

  • Food Fight Hat
  • Chimney Sweep
  • Meteorical Shower Cap
  • Dome-O’rigato (2nd place)
  • Space Rock
  • Starry Night Cap(3rd choice)
  • Heavenly Fireworks : The Winner! (contributed by KnitsforPreemies)

…….ok, I still have rocks on the brain, what can I say…work with me, babe!

Tell me what you think when you see this:

Commence the Comments, suggestions welcome, if you have other names you’d like to toss in the ring!

Nats, modeling the 3rd April Birthday Girl’s hat, for those needing inspiration~
Ina Goda Da Yarna Hat

Have a good night, Knit Junkies!




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