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A GORGEOUS BEADED SHAWL, FREE PATTERN and MyWristie-Cuffs©, cont’d December 11, 2009

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Just a quick update, then back to work~

I was reading a fellow blogger’s post and she just finished the most GORGEOUS Beaded  Spruce Shawl I have ever seen!

The pattern is free with the purchase of her Entire Garden Variety Collection, for $32. Check her out! The collection can also be purchased through Knitty Noddy.

I also ran across Addi 8 inch Circular needles today! LINK HERE

Knitty Noddy is definitely worth coming back to when I get caught up.

MyWristie-Cuffs© are coming along, I’ve completed the thumb gusset today.

Baby Alpaca Spiral MyWristie-Cuffs©

Igor, stopping by to say Hi!

Smiling Boy

*Disclaimer: The use of the word “wristie” is generic to mass media and is not affiliated with a business or article for sale for profit in this or any blog under my name. “MyWristie-Cuffs©” should not be confused with “Wristies®”, a registered trademark of http://www.wristies.com




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