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Web Cams R Us – First Sightings August 20, 2009

Posted by Stella☆LunaC in Romper Room.
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I got my SKYPE Talk Buddy web cam thingy today and within minutes, got to see my grandbaby-girl Rhonda and she saw me!!

First thing she did was burst into giggles….go figure!

Miss Giggles, her first view of XOGRAMMASOX

Miss Giggles, her first view of XOGRAMMASOX

This is going to be fun! I got an extra Skype web cam, sent by mistake, so looking to get the rest of the kids on here!

On a sad note, I got an email today from a Knit Buddy in Australia-actually her son wrote me to let me know his mom was in a bad automobile accident on Aug. 14,  and is recovering from multiple injuries including a broken pelvis, several broken ribs, fractured vertebrae in her neck, dislocated finger, and a damaged spleen. I was told she is lucky to be alive but I am humbled that she still thought of me enough to send the message via her son, so I would not wonder where she was these past few days.

Lindy, if you can hear me, I’m sending some healing thoughts your way, honey!




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