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My First Sock, Day 5 – The Gusset May 20, 2009

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If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again! 🙂

Sock with gusset, full view

Sock with gusset, full view

Sock gusset detail

Sock gusset detail

Sock Progress Notes :

My first cuff was messy and the stitches were loose at the dividing point between needles- I was still getting the hang of moving from needle to needle and without a crash helmet obviously LOL! 😎

Day 2: I ripped out and started over several times, the new pictures will now represent my progress.

Day 3-4: I redid the off-center gusset 3 times, last time to undo final (extra) decrease before continuing on to foot.

Day 5: Foot in progress, starting to feel a sense of  achievement.

NOTE:  Try on sock. Stop at tip of little toe and begin shaping toe.

free pattern link:



1. beentsy - May 20, 2009

Your sock looks great! Well done you! My first sock was an absolute dog’s dinner. 🙂 The best thing I can suggest for tightening up your stitches is

1. to use a set of 5 needles – then you can have the sock on four needles and knit with the fifth. That puts less stress on the stitches where the needles meet.
2. pull that first stitch on each needle very tight so it can’t have a chance to get baggy.

I like DPNS and the two circular method. It sort of depends which sock I’m knitting actually. I also found some tiny little 9 inch circular needles that I’m trying out. Kind of weird but super portable! I hope you don’t mind, I’ve subscribed to your blog via Google. It’s always fun finding new folks who knit, especially those who also have such beautiful horses! Squee, I’m going to oo and aw over the horses now. 🙂

Sandra - May 21, 2009

Thanks! This one was a definite endurance/patience test 😉 I’m not one to be daunted by any challenge, and usually drive myself and others around me, nuts in the process.

The horse actually belongs to my DD’s BF’s mom, and since she’s graduating in a couple weeks, we’re putting together a Nat’s Life Album, sorta-
unfortunately, we don’t own a single horse, but there’s plenty of horse people around Walworth county, so we’re never far from our Namesakes 🙂

Many Horses, Tanka Shunk Otay, is DH’s Santee Sioux name, and our business is also named for him and his lifelong artwork career. http://www.manyhorses.com

Happy to have you follow my blog, and would love to reciprocate by adding yours to my Links faves, as well! Thank you!

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