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Wild Blue Wander Wisconsin April 29, 2009

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I was letting Igor out for his morning romp, and these caught my eye from the front deck where I was sipping my morning tea. I could see them in the woods behind the shed, standing tall in the early morning sunlight.

I ran and grabbed my camera and took this picture, and they were so lovely, I had to post them.

This flower has been identified: mertensia virginica (L.) Named after German botanist Franz K. Mertens.

Contributing website for ID:  Robert W. Freckman Herbarium, University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point

Wild Blue Yonder

Virginia Bluebells

I took this shot in early morning light, with my Canon Powershot A1000 IS, no flash.

Igor wandered off on a deer hunt, and didn’t return for 20 minutes. I was livid.

In my search, I found Bo Mackison’s photography and was captured by the beauty of nature which was captured.

Angel Dishcloth for Debbie April 28, 2009

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This darling little angel dish cloth crochet pattern was Kindly Contributed by Designer: Christine Daugherty.
This went so fast, I was done in 2 hours. There is one typo in the pattern instructions:

Angel Dishcloth

Angel Dishcloth


Note: When you get ready to make the skirt, it’s not 34 dc, it’s 26.
pattern reads:
7). Join in 21st dc across, ch 3, dc in each of the next 34 dc, ch 3, turn

should read:
7). Join in 21st dc across, ch 3, dc in each of the next 26 dc, ch 3, turn

Thank you, Bonnie for sharing this adorable pattern!

Pictures Of Baby Rhonda April 23, 2009

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I finally got to view the pictures I took while in Indiana 2 weeks ago…wow has it been that long already?

I still need to work on my photo-techniques, but that will come with time.

A Divine Day: Turtleback Yarn is here!! April 23, 2009

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The Patons Divine arrived yesterday and I got started right away. Owhat a fun project this is going  to be….?

Patons Divine Deep Earth

Patons Divine Deep Earth

I only got 5 rows into it when I realized I had reversed the last row, and talk about PIA trying to back-track with this fuzzy stuff, what a mess! Thank goodness I’m starting with a 13 needle, so I can see what is happening. After row 6, it drops to a size 6 needle.

This stuff looks like the hair I pull out of mine and Mike’s hair brush-if you held it up to our heads, it’s a match!!! Think of the money I could save LOL!

This is only half of the work, the other half is on the other needle, the stitches are so scrunched on two needles, I’m going to need a circular soon, this is too hard to work with.

Turtleback sweater, row 4

More later, back to work!

Oyeah, I had a Birthday~ April 21, 2009

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Oyeah, I had a birthday! I just got so busy with work and all, I never did  get time to post how my day went 🙂

Nats had her GF Brit over Sat for a sleep-over and Mike’s parents were also over for dinner, so I also invited Brit’s mom, Sharon, over for some good eats right off the grill. Mike cooked a Pork loin, that was the best pork I have had in ages!

While the grill was cooking, Nats and Brit decided to take a ride, but wouldn’t divulge their plans to anyone-I was to find out later, why- they went out to get my birthday~ I was presented with the most hilarious American Idol greeting card with the most awful digital singing rendition of  “Happy Birthday” I have ever heard~ it brought tears to my eyes, not from joy, but from my ears bleeding from the singing!!!

They also got me a lovely journal, in which I can write my Memoirs for all to appreciate after I’m gone 🙂

Mom and Dad came bearing gifts as well. I got some Baby Alpaca yarn and a kit for making knitted fingerless mittens/wrist-warmers. Those will be nice when I get a job as a mail carrier and can then handle all that money I’ll be making without fear of all that $$ slipping through my fingers, HEHEEE!

Mom also gave me an illustrated book of knitting techniques, which will be an invaluable tool when I get better at this, my new favorite hobby. I also got a neat Thread Tension Thingy for controling my loose stitches-boy, do I need to work on that~

My 3 adult children called to wish me a happy birthday, (admittedly,thanks to their oldest sibling). First, CJ called, then about a half-hour later, Sam called. We talked for quite a while, and sometimes we didn’t talk at all, just enjoyed each other’s company. Then Richard called a couple hours later~boy, was that a surprise! We talked for over an hour, about anything that came to mind. Mostly we talked about the kids, he’s definitely centered and thanks his focus largely on Dena.
I got to talk with Hunter and Hayley before they were off to be tucked into bed. Hunter told me he likes Bedtime Stories, and Hayley likes to read them, sometimes by herself.  Books have always been a part of me and I’m glad to see Dena instills that same love of reading in her children.

The weather was decent, until later in the afternoon when it began to rain lightly. By that time, Mike was done grilling, and we had a good visit with everyone inside.

Overall, it was a pretty good day to be alive~

Turtleback Sweater Yarn ordered, whoohoo!! April 18, 2009

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It rained……….yep, half-way through grilling outside, and a perfect pork roast half-done, it rained…but Mike managed to finish it off without too much incident, turned out to be the best, MOIST smoked pork roast I ever had, no credit to the rain-I think it was the marinade 🙂

I’m still working on my Basketweave (basket-case) Washcloth, going to make it a small hand towel, I am finally getting used to this pattern at the 5th repeat……sheesh!

Mom and Dad came over for dinner. Dad and DH spent some quality garage time together going over the Blazer to make sure I brought it back from IN in the same condition I left it in 🙂

Mom and I got to sit and knit and chat a while.
The folks came bearing gifts for my birfday :heart: Mom got me a knit fingerless glove/wrist warmers kit, with some yummy Baby Alpaca yarn in a soft blue, nice!

I ordered some yarn for a shawl pattern Mom and I went halvesies on- saw it at JoAnns in Greenwood, but they didn’t have enough skeins, so I found it online at their website and it was on sale !! PLUS I got the shipping for only $2.95 for signing up for a first-time account online

I‘m going to do The Turtleback Shawl Sweater in this yarn:

Patons Divine Yarn
Divine Yarn-Deep Earth
SKU# CBA261 069643

I fell in love with the feel and color when Bonnie and I were shopping there this past weekend. I am not good at picking out yarns online, I have to feel what am getting.
Today I opened a couple windows upstairs. It was pretty warm upstairs, but by the time the rains came, it was already cooling down……so closed them again, and now it’s stuffy..
Tomorrow I bake, try to call Christy and rest…I can’t believe how wiped out I got from not having a weekend to recoup…I’m such a creature of habit, but would gladly do last weekend again!
Bonnie has been emailing me from Rosie every day! It’s so nice, and I miss her, the emails help a lot~
Got to get some Mikey-Time, have a lovely Sunday!

Back Home Again from Indiana~ April 15, 2009

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Happy Birthday, Mom XOXOXOXO

Happy Birthday, Mom XOOXXO

Me and Mom, Oct. 2000

We’re back from our trip, what an adventure!

Baby Rhonda is precious, as I knew she would be. All the memories of my Baby Days came rushing back, nothing changes except the face in the mirror 🙂

Sweet Baby

Grandma Broken Nose and Baby Rhonda, now at 6 lbs!

Had an uneventful ride down, road construction was as expected-never-ending concrete dividers for miles and 45 mph almost the entire stretch from Gurney to Cline Rd.,  a break from Cline to where 80 leaves off 65, then more of the same into IN to nearly Lowell. Nats got to drive from our house to 294 onramp to Chicago, then I took the helm. I finally got a break in IN when we hit Lowell, and she got to drive for about 1.30 hours. It was pretty busy, a Thursday, probably like most, but with Easter Sunday looming large on the horizon.

We got in at around 3:30pm and went straight to Christy and Ryan’s house to rest up. Nats got to hold her new Niece for about 40 minutes before her dad arrived to whisk her off for dinner.

A little later, Ryan, Cj and I took Baby Rhonda for a car-ride- she was a bit fussy with colic, and on a little side trip around Greenwood at around 7, we stopped and ordered a pizza for delivery. I wanted to get a bottle of wine at a liquor store in the shopping plaza we were at, but they didn’t have either of my favorites, Turning Leaf White Zin, or Tisdale, “mighty fine wine for $2.99” owell, I managed to bust my nose on CJ’s car door getting back in the car. (*you can barely see the band aid on my schnoz in the picture of me holding Baby Rhonda) nice going, Sandra.

We spent the night at Bonnie and Danny’s, and I got to visit with their next-door neighbor Sheila, a good friend from my days living in the ‘Hood. Danny’s sister Cathy came over to visit too, and we had a great time just sitting around the kitchen table catching up on neighborhood news. There was a dismal air that seemed to hang over the area, since last years floods whipped out many homes on their street;  many homeowners did not return, leaving houses to neglect.

Bonnie and I met up with Danny early Sunday morning for breakfast before he took off to Cincinnati to the casinos (new to me!) and then Bonnie and I took off for the Craft and Bead stores! We stopped at Michaels first, then Jo-Ann’s, and finally Boca Loca, a bead store in Indy. We took a trip over to Marsh Grocery for snacks for the party later that evening, and I got to see Sandy A. again, and Cindy R. It was great seeing some of the Girls from my Marsh Days again 🙂

Saturday night, Christy and Ryan had Rich and Dena and the kids over. Bonnie, Danny and Mary came also, as well as Ryan’s mom Pat. It was great to see her again!

The party wrapped up at about 8 and we headed back to Bonnie’s to get ready for our trip back home early Sunday morning. I was already gearing up for the long ride back and surprised that I actually got any sleep at all that night~

We had a quick breakfast of donuts and coffee and headed out about 8:15am, I had already gassed up the night before. We pulled into Elkhorn at right at 2pm and got ready for the Poodle Attack! Igor was beside himself-there were two of him it seemed, as he raced alternately between me and Nats and couldn’t make up his mind who he was happier to see! When Mike got out the last of our treasures from the back of the Blazer, Igor promptly jumped into the back and sat as if waiting for his Car Ride. I had to coax him out with the promise of biscotti, and only then did he get down and follow us back inside, only to rain more kisses upon me than I think I’ve ever had before! Mike was very obviously worn out from his bachelor weekend, and was definitely happy we were back.

Work was obviously good while I was away-usually is and so now I think we’re back to normal, whatever that is…..IT’S GOOD TO BE BACK! 🙂

Letter from Away From Home-First Contact April 10, 2009

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We arrived in IN at about 3:30 EST. The ride was uneventful, although ongoing road construction went on for miles in Chicago alone. When we hit 465, we saw walls being raised on both sides of the north side, but didn’t affect traffic at all. There were a few more condos built since my last trip down, 2004. We got as far as the Kentucky St. exit when forward motion came to a grinding halt within 1.5 miles from our exit.  The view from behind the semi in front of me, prevented me from seeing what the holdup was, but by the time we got to the traffic stopper, it turned out to be a small sedan with three individuals in handcuffs and two police cars.

Baby Rhonda was asleep when we arrived, so CJ gave us a tour of their house. It is a very cute house in a semi-private neighborhood where only the local residents would pass through. There is a charter elementary school smack-dab in the middle, which will be  within walking distance when Rhonda is old enough for school.

My first view of Rhonda was from a large TV monitor in the livingroom, which was hooked up to a vid-cam. At first, all we saw was a baby wrapped in a blanket, then a little arm popped out and within minutes there emerged the sounds of Miss Rhonda’s mewings. In another couple minutes, she appeared to be trying to actually toss her covers on! Finally we got to meet her in person, and what an emotional moment that was. Every memory came rushing back, 32 years had passed sinced I first held her mother, and it was the sweetest moment I have ever experienced.

While we waited for Nat’s dad to come pick her up for the evening (he was running late from work) Nats got to hold her new neice. Baby Rhonda has been having a little colic, so we had to keep her confortable between bouts of tummy cramps, but watched her facial expressions alternate between distress and blissful slumber.

I barely noticed the camera and ensuing flashes when Christy handed me her new daughter- all I saw was that sweet little face. 🙂

Sam came over after work for a few minutes before heading over to the hospital to see a buddy who had had an emergency appendectomy the night before. He is so handsome, he will make some lucky girl happy someday 🙂

We took turns walking with Little Missy during her colic, then we decided to go for a car ride to see if that helped. The minute she went into the car seat, she seemed to relax. Ryan drove us around Greenwood, to show me the new LA Fitness where Marsh once stood. It was good to see so many small business’s surviving our current economic  situation, and echoed a hope I believe everyone must be having these days.

Our next stop as Galliger’s Pizza, and the corner liquor store for a bottle of wine. They didn’t have what I was looking for, so I came away empty-handed. As I was getting in the car, Ryan made a comment and as I turned to reply, got the corner of the car door right in the nose.  I heard more than felt the crunch on impact, and managed to split it right across the bridge. I now have a nice goose egg between my brows and a hideous bandaid. At least Sam got to see me before I managed to smash my face 🙂

Good morning, Sunshine! I’ve had my second cup of coffee and will be getting ready to go over to Christy’s in a bit. I’ll post updates later tonight or tomorrow!


Road Trip- WHOOHOOO! April 8, 2009

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Going south (Indiana) to see my DD32 and their New Grand-daughter-WHOOHOOO!! Leaving as early as can get my bode outta bed, and hope to be on the road by 9:00am.

I anticipate we’ll clear Chicago by 1 and at our destination of Indpls southside by 3pm (EST) We’ll be an hour different, so I have to keep reminding m’self it’s not as late as it seems

I think I have everything ready-CAMERA, baby stuff, changes of cloths, CAMERA, I bought enough snack foods for DD18 and myself, as well as Teh Boyz-DH and Igor, to survive a small disaster, CAMERA, contacts, glasses (for when contacts are outta my eyes) rechargeable batteries, flash card, CAMERA Yep I think we’re ready.

Road Trip is 5.5 hours via 294 bypass. DH and I are going out in a few to top off the gas tank and get a bottle of wine I forgot (to not drink) last night…ooops, my bad ~ then we coming back and spend quality time together before I have to leave my Boyz…

Seeya’s all when we get back, and will post LOTS’O PIX when I get back online

We met 2 Good Samaritans today~:) April 4, 2009

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Severe Weather Alert: more snow….




my Daffs are in for a surpries tomorrow, I suspect.

DD18’s Grad Announcements came yesterday~ now all we need is nice weather so I can take pics for inserts. Maybe spring will get here by Grad Day…?

Got up early and took DD18 to Delavan to take her ACT’s~

OMG we got lost and were 4 minutes late-if it hadn’t been for the nice man at the gas station who had us follow him down to the HS, and then the nice man in the school hallway, who looked like he knew we were lost and knew where to go, we might never have found the school or the room and DD would’ve been out $45 Registration fee…

Nats thinks she did ok……..but it was real hard. She has a solid A-B average, so I’m not too concerned about her results (6-8 weeks), it’s where she will go after she graduates… I heard on the unemployment rate is up to 13 million, her BF STILL hasn’t got a job after moving in with his parents up north last Jan….and so many kids can’t afford college that the Tech Schools are seeing a huge infulx of applications…..odear…..DD18 may be living with us until she’s 30-and if business keeps up, she may have to go on our payroll, whether she likes it or not She’ real good at folding Polishing Cloths now, hehee!

Nats finally got her taxes done online today, WHEW! After we got done filing online, Turbotax wanted to charge her #30.95 to e- file her state, but we went to irs.org and copied all the information onto their pdf and printed it out, saving the fee. I think we had to do that last year too…sneaky of them to get you all the way to the end, only to try and sneak that charge in……
K, that about does it, I am running on fumes here, gotta get some rest this weekend before our trip- that 5.5 hour drive is a killah…….Toodles, Poodles!