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Turtleback Sweater Wrap pattern on order~ March 26, 2009

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I ordered the pattern from Annie’s Attic today!

Turtleback Sweater Wrap

Turtleback Sweater Wrap

Christy called today- Baby Rhonda is up to 4 lb 13 oz! She pulled out her feeding tube sometime between last night and today, and instead of replacing it, the staff at the hospital decided to leave it out and see how she will do. She’s up to 5 bottles a day now and could get to come home in about 2 weeks if everything goes well!

Will post pictures of the Baby Buritto started today. I have it posted in Ravelry.com for now and will update as it gets further along. I’m doing it in Icey Mint, and works up nicely~I think CJ will love this one, it’s snuggly-soft!

Baby burrito, day 1

Baby burrito, day 1

more tomorrow, getting late~ G’night!

teh KnitNazi~ 🙂



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