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Reflections in the Snow~ March 29, 2009

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I’m betting Baby Rhonda will be coming home next week.  Last time I talked with Christy, Little One was up to 4lb 13 oz and had pulled her feeding tube out. Little Stinker is going to do things her way, oYeah! 🙂






It began sleeting around 4pm today, as we were heading to town. Nats had to work a mini-shift at Franks County Market from 4-6pm. Mike drove us back to town later, and the roads were getting pretty slick.

I got to play with my new camera for about 20 minutes tonight! No sooner had I begun, when Mike got me going doing photo-editing in CS3 on his computer. Then he was off to play with my camera again……hopefully, I’ll have a grasp of my camera by the time we make our trip to IN in two weeks…

I need to call or email Bonnie to find out if there will be any room in the Inn when we go down next  month. Nats plans to stay with her dad for a couple nights, but I have no clue where I’m staying. Hopefully Bonnie or Sheila can park me on their couch for a couple nights. I’m easy, I can sleep on a palette on the floor,  suits me just fine. I hope that doesn’t bother anyone-I wouldn’t mind if they had to do the same here at our place, but then we always have an extra bed 🙂

G’night~ Cya Monday!

Turtleback Sweater Wrap pattern on order~ March 26, 2009

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I ordered the pattern from Annie’s Attic today!

Turtleback Sweater Wrap

Turtleback Sweater Wrap

Christy called today- Baby Rhonda is up to 4 lb 13 oz! She pulled out her feeding tube sometime between last night and today, and instead of replacing it, the staff at the hospital decided to leave it out and see how she will do. She’s up to 5 bottles a day now and could get to come home in about 2 weeks if everything goes well!

Will post pictures of the Baby Buritto started today. I have it posted in Ravelry.com for now and will update as it gets further along. I’m doing it in Icey Mint, and works up nicely~I think CJ will love this one, it’s snuggly-soft!

Baby burrito, day 1

Baby burrito, day 1

more tomorrow, getting late~ G’night!

teh KnitNazi~ 🙂

TURTLEBACK JACKETS: Easy Sweater to Knit March 24, 2009

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EDITED APRIL 24, 2011 TO INCLUDE CROCHET VERSION LINK! Now you can crochet this one with the FREE PATTERN! Get the link at the bottom of this post~

Rectangle shown below,  folded in half, arm-holes sewn.

Easy Knitted Turtleback Sweaters
Easy Knitted Turtleback Sweaters

Easy Knitted Turtleback Sweaters

Easy Knitted Turtleback SweatersEasy Knitted Turtleback Sweaters

Both of these Turtleback sweaters are made from a one piece rectangle, then folded in half, and finished with each side being stitched together to form arm-holes. Made using worsted weight and chunky yarns.

The knitted eyelet rib is made with #11 and #17 needles and chunky yarn.1″=3 sts
The k/p ribs: small uses #6 and #13 needles and worsted weight yarn; large uses #8 and #13 needles and chunky yarn. 1″=3 sts

Skill level: Easy

Annie’s Attic
Item # 837161

Easy Knitted Turtleback  Sweaters


If you like The Turtleback knit Wrap, you can download the easy crochet version on Lion Brand’s Website here:

Got meh Birthday Present Early! March 24, 2009

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Mike got me an early birthday present:  the MOST EXCELLENT Canon Powershot A1000 IS camera for me to take down to Indiana next month!

He’s having a riot with it, need I say more? It takes awesome pictures!

I hope to learn how to use it eventually and I do expect to come back with LOTS of photos! I got an extra 4 GB card and rechargeable batteries, WHOOHOO! 🙂


Teh Cutenss Continues~ Baby Pix! March 23, 2009

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Letter from the Ryans

Rhonda is taking off like a weed.

The Good Life~

The Good Life~

She weighs 4lbs 8oz AND she is up to taking 3 40-50ml (30ml in an oz) a day AND her nose tubes have been removed and she is breathing completely on her own.

Rhonda Graduates to teh Bottle

Rhonda Graduates to teh Bottle

Probably for a few days of that (and I think they’re running short) she will move from the isolate to an open crib.  I am going twice a day now to give bottles and the nurses give her the rest.

Unfortunately I cannot make it to the hospital more than twice a day.  Oh she has to have at least 5 days of 8 full feedings before coming home.  I believe thats at whatever ml she’s taking at that time, no specific amount.

The Look of Love

The Look of Love

Oh my goodness and the nurses, ALL of them and there’s 10-20 different ones, all make over her and her improvements.  They even fight over the schedule to be assigned her.  Either they give the extra effort and compliments to every family or she really is something special to them in the NICU.  I honestly believe it’s the latter.  Come on, all of them???

I don’t know how but things are coming together so well at the hospital and at home, that we may just be all ready for her to come home.  (Double thanks to Dena!)  Ryan will be staying home 5 work days when she comes home.  He has already taken days when I was in the hospital delivering.

I am feeling better as Rhonda starts her downhill descent to coming home and as things are getting more ready at home.

Enjoy the pics and Love ya all!

Christy & Ryan

The First Family Portrain March 2008

The First Family Portrait March 2008

The Well Pump, She goes Poof?? March 21, 2009

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Ok guys, this could get super-scary…:

Our well pump began sounding “different” about 3 months ago. Since it’s right off our office in the Studio/Catchall Room, I noticed it would click-click-click during a shower, toilet refill, washer refill cycle, or whenever water was running anywhere in the house. I didn’t think too much of it and made a mental note to keep ears peeled for any signs of impending trouble.

I didn’t mention anything to DH because I figured Mr Radar-for-Ears would notice and say something if things didn’t sound “right”. Not noticing is a good thing, yes?

Then about 3 days ago, he noticed it…the pump’s condenser motor started with the click-click-click more frequently and the water pressure would drop noticeably more than usual. DH checked the gauge- 60 lbs of pressure, normal. Then he checked the release valve on top, and when he pushed it, a spray shot out of it. NOT good. He said that means water has got into the bladder either by a leak or a tear.

Yahoogled for help and found we may have to replace the bladder, no biggie, that is unless we can’t get a part for this older pump. The whole setup is the original that was installed when our house was built almost 20 yrs ago, so it’s not looking good. It could cost up in the $500-range if we have to replace it.

Did I mention we had to buy a new dryer this last Monday because our old one crapped out on us over last weekend??? And the washer is on borrowed time, same year as the dryer, making funny noises during spin cycle.

I called our neighbor/Plumber/Contractor but he and his were not available to take our call, so I left a rather pleading-for-help-ASAP voice message in hopes they get it by tomorrow…

Things may get a bit “hairy” around here if the pump goes out before we can get a repair guy out before it completely fails….and if I can’t wash my hair, I’m not going anywhere in public…..

Please let it last one more day……..or 2?

They say things happen in 3’s. Ok, this is #2 for the year, unless we can go back to Sept of last year when the water heater broke…

And I just got a bill from the Med. Center for last Sept when DD17 went in for a Gyn checkup and booster shots the school said everyone needed last year….$226 for a physical and booster shots at $41.  Now I have to call them up on Monday and ask if her dad’s insurance was even billed, and if not, why. The next thing they’ll tell me is he dropped her from his policy-I didn’t get a new insurance card this year OR last, come to think of it……

and I have a trip to plan in less than 3 weeks…

What next????



manyhorsesmane's Avatar

taking Autumnleaves’ advice: thinking happy thoughts of baby Rhonda now.



GOOD NEWS! DH found the website and we can replace the bladder ourself, IF we can get one. crossing fingers, toes, eyes, knees, and wishing on Vela and Orian~

Ok, nevermind, you have to be a contractor to get one…no retail…



I think I’m going to Kathmandu… March 20, 2009

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I heard this on the radio tonight and I couldn’t have said it better m’self.

I’ve been from one end of this world to the other, and if you ask me where “home” is, I can sum it

up in pretty quick: “Home is where the heart is.”

Now, I hope that if my children read this, it will at least explain their mother better. You can’t find me

in Google, you can’t find me in Wikipedia, you can’t find me in any books, but you can always count on me

being in the one place you almost forgot to look- just look in your heart, I’m there.

I love you guys: Christy, Richard, Sam, Natalie (my final Hurrah! in a half-pint grenade) and like it or not, you’re stuck with me~:)

I think I’m going to Kathmandu,

that’s really, really where I’m going to.

If I ever get out of here,

that’s what I’m gonna do.


I think that’s where I’m going to.

If I ever get out of here,

I’m going to Kathmandu.

I got no kick against the west coast;

Warner Brothers are such good hosts.

I raise my whiskey glass and give them a toast,

I’m sure they know it’s true.

I got no rap against the southern states.

Every time I’ve been there it’s been great.

But now I’m leaving and I can’t be late

and to myself be true.

That’s why I’m going to Kathmandu,

up to the mountains where I’m going to.

And if I ever get out of here,

that’s what I’m gonna do.


that’s really, really where I’m going to,

oh, if I ever get out of here I’m going to Kathmandu.

I got no quarrel with the midwest,

the folks out there have given me their best.

I lived there all my life, I’ve been their guest,

I sure have loved it, too.

I’m tired of looking at the TV news.

I’m tired of driving hard and paying dues.

I figure, baby, I’ve got nothing to lose,

I’m tired of being blue.

That’s why I’m going to Kathmandu,

up to the mountains where I’m going to.

If I ever get out of here,

that’s what I’m gonna do.


take me, baby, ’cause I’m going with you.

If I ever get out of here

I’m going to Kathmandu.

I ain’t got nothing ‘gainst the east coast.

You want some people where they got the most.

And new york city‘s like a friendly ghost,

you seem to pass right through.

I know I’m gonna miss the USA.

I guess I’ll miss it every single day.

But no one loves me here anyway.

I know my playing is through.

That’s why I’m going to Kathmandu,

up to the mountains where I’m going to.

If I ever get out of here,

that’s what I’m gonna do.


really, really going to,

if I ever get out of here,

if I ever get out of here,

if I ever get out of here,

I’m going to Kathmandu.

–Bob Seger, Kathmandu

Popcorn, Soda-Pop and Baby Burritos March 19, 2009

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This weekend, we’re watching a cute animated movie entitled “Igor“, only because it was recommended to us by a fellow Spoo-Mom who happens to be infatuated with Poodles only 3 times more than we are…she has 3 to our 1~so, I’m up for some mindless entertainment.

Igor (voiced by John Cusack) is a brilliant young scientist sidelined by a physical deformity. Despite his position as a lowly assistant to mad Dr. Glickenstein (John Cleese), Igor dreams of winning the Evil Science Fair and the heart of Gretchen, a village beauty. Aided by a zombie rabbit (Steve Buscemi) and a brain in a jar (Sean Hayes), Igor might just hit the big time. Molly Shannon and Jennifer Coolidge also lend their vocal talent.

Nats has just informed me, she has plans to spend the weekend up in Appleton with her boyfriend and his family. She was suppose to work Saturday, albeit 2 hours, but it was 2 hours more than the 1 day a week she’s been getting for the past 3 months. I’m amazed at her lack of responsibility. She’s going to graduate in less than 3 months, and she still has not applied for FAFSA, and cannot tell us what her plans are, once she graduates. She hasn’t spent a single minute at home exploring her options, choosing to hide out all evening in her room, on her cellphone or on her computer playing (offline) video games.

Since she’s turned 18, she assumes I have nothing to say in what she does and she now tells me what she is doing, no longer asking nor caring for my opinion. Then she gets mad when I don’t agree or approve, and goes into Defense Mode.

It started on Monday, when she texted me, informing me she would be getting off the bus at Jenny’s house and hang out for a while. Monday went on to include Tuesday, and I finally asked her to stay home Wednesday evening so she could get something done at the house, to which she obliged. I got her to clean HER bird’s cage, and sweep the kitchen, and dust her room.

It is making me sick inside that she is being so immature, and if I know if make a big deal of it, she will dig in her heels and that will only ignite the situation. We were suppose to do her taxes today- now I have to deal with this, when she comes home. I don’t feel like doing her taxes at 9pm.  She has to learn to take responsibility for herself, and I wanted to be able to sit down and discuss our tax options with her, as the Tax Lady had with us. It includes her and she needs to know these things. I want to stab my own eyes out with knitting needles out of frustration. GAAAaahhhh!!

In Other News

I got the yarn for my next project, a Baby Burrito for Baby Rhonda, to be done in Bernat Baby Coordinates, “Iced Mint”  …Yarrrrrrrrreeba!!

Baby Burrito

Baby Burrito

Will post pics when I get some worked up. Hope to have new pictures of Little One soon 🙂

Hope your evening turns out better than mine promises to be….


Baby Rhonda’s First “Teddy Bear” March 17, 2009

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As the Grand Homecoming fast approaches, I’m working like a mad-grandma to get projects done, and falling pitifully short of my own expectations…

I finished this cute little bath cloth, which will go in the HomeComing Basket

Baby Rhondas First Teddy Bear

Baby Rhonda's First Wash Cloth

*giggles, made ya look! 8-))

Mommy’s getting some pretties too, but gonna have to wait to see~hehee!

back to meh knittin, G’night Luv~ 


The Sandhill Cranes are back~ March 16, 2009

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Had a good weekend, got a lot done on Saturday, closer to completing tax-time preparations, in between orders that steadily came in. Tried a new wine, Turningleaf White Zinfandel-I gave it 2 thumbs up!

Sunday, Nats, Igor and I took a walk and did a  mile-it felt GREAT to get out and get some fresh air! It got to 63 degrees, a beautiful day! We saw and heard multitudes of Sandhill Cranes all around us, over by the pond behind Matt and Mary’s, over toward Lake Wandawega, and Lauderdale lakes.

Today, there were a few orders from Sunday, which I knocked out in a couple hours-Nats got off the bus at her GF Jenny’s house, and they hung out until 8pm. I was just getting ready to burn 2008 to a disk when she called for me to come get her.  Another year done!

I’m working on a new pattern for a facecloth, and it turned out better than expected. The cloth is completed and looks a bit scewed, but the border edging will help straighten it out when sewn on.

Fancy Face Cloth, Lace edging in progress

Fancy Face Cloth, Lace edging in progress

Goodnight, M’Dear~tomorrow will be a better day.